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Privacy Policy

Our approach to privacy

Uclue is a rapidly evolving service operated by Uclue Ltd. We (Uclue Ltd) aim to collect sufficient information to run the service smoothly and efficiently in foreseen circumstances, and to be able to continue to operate the service in circumstances that are unforeseen.

What we emphatically do NOT do is to use data about you to make ill-gotten gains at your expense. So, for example, we won't sell data about you to anyone for the purpose of spamming you.


This Privacy Policy may be revised by us from time to time. Substantive changes will normally be notified here 30 days before they take effect.


This Privacy Policy is Version 4, and applies from 1 October 2015. Compared to the previous version, more information has been added about cookies.

Information stored

We may store any information entered into the website by a user of the website, or supplied to us by those with whom we do business.

Information disclosed

We may supply information to those with whom we do business, but only for purposes in connection with the operation of the service.

We may supply information in response to a court order, or upon demand of the government when we believe that the government is legitimately entitled to make such a demand. For example, the taxation authorities are entitled to see certain information.

We may supply information at our discretion when we sincerely believe it is in the best interests of the data subject, or in the best interests of society as a whole, for us to do so. For example, we may supply information if we believe it might help avert a crime or prevent a suicide.

We may share aggregated non-personal information (such as service statistics) with anyone.

Webserver logs

We use the webserver logs for business purposes including combating spam and producing business statistics.


Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your web browser as part of the web pages that you request. By default, your browser stores these cookies and sends them back when you request another page from the same website.

Our website sends cookies to your browser, for example to enable the login/logout process to work smoothly. You may set your web browser to accept or reject these cookies, but some website features won't work without cookies.

Our website may also load advertisements, scripts or content from other sites. We currently (May 2015) use Google and Google-certified ad networks, but this may change without notice. These external sites may send their own cookies to your browser.

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies (including the Google DoubleClick cookie, from which you can opt out) to serve ads based on your prior visits to this and other websites (more information). Feel free to set your web browser to reject those cookies.


Our webserver and database are currently (October 2015) in the United States, but this may change without notice. We may send information to, or process it in, other countries.

How to contact us

Please use the "Contact Us" link for Uclue Ltd. Most enquiries are dealt with in a day or two, but please allow a few weeks in exceptional circumstances.

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