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For Bobbie

answer 12 Oct 15 Montecristo, Thank you. Best regards, Bobbie

For Bobbie

answer 12 Oct 15 Thank you, Montecristo! Best regards, Bobbie


answer 17 Aug 15 Thank you, Montecristo. Best regards, Bobbie

rfc 16 Aug 15 One more

rfc 16 Aug 15 Montecristo, Here are a few options. Reliable Aria 200SP Digital Steam ...

TV Show Face the Nation

answer 6 Aug 15 adjclarks21, John Dickerson is the new moderator of Face the Nation http:...

The impossible dream

rfc 29 Jul 15 Anson Electronics There is an image of the outside of the store here. http:...

For Bobbie

answer 21 Jul 15 Thank you, Montecristo. Best regards, Bobbie

Question about ACT test score report--up to $35

rfc 17 Jul 15 Hi Blackdog, Thank you for your clarification. I have unlocked the ques...

rfc 16 Jul 15 Here is some additional information from College Confidential: Replies to:...

rfc 16 Jul 15 Hi Blackdog, What colleges can I get into with an ACT score of 30? With...

For Bobbie

answer 12 Jul 15 Thank you, Montecristo. Best regards, Bobbie


answer 26 Apr 15 Thank you very much, blackdog! Best regards, Bobbie Sevens

Email and Addresses needed for Editors

answer 22 Apr 15 adjclarks21, Ben Smith of Buzzfeed Email: BuzzFee...

College Admissions: Need University That Prioritizes SAT/GPA up to $125

rfc 21 Apr 15 Blackdog, Here is one more example. Missouri State. Students applyin...

rfc 20 Apr 15 Blackdog, Does The University of Georgia meet your needs? Bobbie ...

Names and addresses of newspaper editors

answer 8 Apr 15 adjclarks21, Editor-in-chief Gerard Baker The Wall Street Jour...

For Bobbie

answer 4 Apr 15 Thank you very much, Montecristo.

Avis cars CEO

answer 24 Mar 15 adjclarks21, Ronald L. Nelson is the CEO for Avis

customer feedback via text message providers

answer 20 Mar 15 Hi Brudenell, Thank you very much! Best regards, Bobbie

rfc 19 Mar 15 Hi Brudenell, Do these companies meet your needs? TalkToTheManager $...

Text Size default settings on new laptops

rfc 11 Mar 15 Anything useful here?

Maintain stiff erections in landscape (eg on anniversaries)

answer 3 Mar 15 Drydoc, Thank you for accepting my suggestions as the answer to your quest...

rfc 1 Mar 15 The card stand I just mentioned should be made with cardboard not carton.

rfc 1 Mar 15 drydoc, The card stand looks promising. Check out the video on the botto...

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