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How fast are manufacturers automating?

question 27 May 17 Hey Friends, As part of an upcoming marketing push into the manufacturing ...

The distracting power of music/talk radio?

rating 13 Oct 16 always excellent.

clarify 12 Oct 16 Just about the only thing not addressed is lyrics in music vs. talking in a p...

clarify 12 Oct 16 David, thats basically perfect!

question 11 Oct 16 I have many employees who listen to various things during the day. They are k...

any historic pictures of my house?

clarify 29 Aug 16 Haven't had any luck on this...can I increase the bounty and see if anybody e...

Does a picture of an attractive female drive more website clicks?

rating 25 Aug 16

rating 25 Aug 16

any historic pictures of my house?

comment 25 Aug 16 Ah! Deepest apologies David, did not notice that typo! I have emailed OHS...

Which hinge is older?

cancel 25 Aug 16

clarify 25 Aug 16 Thanks for all the feedback folks. Looks like hinges will not be the answer t...

Does a picture of an attractive female drive more website clicks?

comment 25 Aug 16 perfect! exactly what I was looking for Bobbie. How do I give the money?

any historic pictures of my house?

clarify 22 Aug 16 Man, so many of those are SO CLOSE! 24th, 32nd are right there, but nothing f...

Does a picture of an attractive female drive more website clicks?

clarify 22 Aug 16 Thanks! I've previously read both of those (Guesty runs a great blog) what wh...

question 22 Aug 16 On air B&B, the main search image shows two components - the main picture on ...

any historic pictures of my house?

question 22 Aug 16 I bought a house at 3125 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR, built in 1909. My...

Which hinge is older?

comment 22 Aug 16 Damn, thanks David. Let me know if there are any other cabinet elements I ...

comment 21 Aug 16 great! here we go

clarify 21 Aug 16 Hmmm...any idea how to attach an image to a question? Thats my first question =)

question 21 Aug 16 My house was built in 1909, and had a major renovation done in approximately ...

The science of venting as ineffective

rating 18 Aug 16

question 10 Aug 16 I've read articles like this -

Research on the value of better ergonomics for office workers

rating 20 Jun 16 perfect, just what I needed, thanks!

question 16 Jun 16 I need to make a profit argument to a customer as to why he should improve th...

want to know anything available on the history of a house

rating 29 Apr 16 Great work as always, thanks!

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