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ANSWERED on Sun 11 Nov 2007 - 1:23 am UTC by Bobbie Sevens

Question: Games like King's Quest

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 10 Nov 2007 22:53 UTCSat 10 Nov 2007 - 10:53 pm UTC 

Looking for games like King's Quest (female-friendly, non-weapon, non-killing, non-scary) that can either be downloaded or played online.


Bobbie Sevens 


 11 Nov 2007 00:31 UTCSun 11 Nov 2007 - 12:31 am UTC 




 11 Nov 2007 00:56 UTCSun 11 Nov 2007 - 12:56 am UTC 

Looks interesting! However, I only see links to download the *demo*. Can I buy it and download it online anywhere? I'd like to play right now. :)


Bobbie Sevens 


 11 Nov 2007 00:57 UTCSun 11 Nov 2007 - 12:57 am UTC 

I'll check if a full version is available.



Bobbie Sevens 


 11 Nov 2007 01:23 UTCSun 11 Nov 2007 - 1:23 am UTC 

Hi Juder,

Good news!

GamersGate carries the game Keepsake.

Purchase and download the game Keepsake here:

From the FAQ:

GamersGate is a platform for downloadable PC games.

Q: How do I purchase a game on GamersGate?
A: 1) Log on to your account or register a new account.
2) Chose the game you want and click on the “BUY” button.
3) Click on your shopping Cart and proceed to checkout
4) Pay using PayPal or your Credit Card.


Another game that you might like:

The Secrets of Da Vinci

I hope you enjoy the games.

Best regards,




 13 Dec 2007 21:54 UTCThu 13 Dec 2007 - 9:54 pm UTC 

Well, there is killing in it, but it's mostly big bugs and fakish fantasy monsters.  The latest Zelda for either Wii or Gamecube is awesome.  It's called Twilight Princess and blows kings quest away.  I think it's predecessor, Zelda Windwaker is more cartoony too, so that might be a good one.

It is kind of a scary game, but not in the sense that you are really scared, just some enemies are foreboding.

DragonQuest is another game, it's availble on some platforms, but I can't recall which.  It's a role playing game like Kings Quest and is REALLY popular in Japan.


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