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ANSWERED on Mon 9 Apr 2007 - 1:04 am UTC by clouseau

Question: Thunderbird - saving emails

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 8 Apr 2007 23:49 UTCSun 8 Apr 2007 - 11:49 pm UTC 

Hi. Is there a way to save a bunch of emails that are in the same folder in Thunderbird 1.5 into MS Word, Notepad, OpenOffice 2.1 or whatever without having to go one email at a time and copy/paste the text?  It would be nice if we could select, say, 25 emails at one time, open up Notepad and drop them in there so that the body of the emails would show up on one page. In other words, we want to archive a bunch of emails somewhere other than Thunderbird and we want them to be readable on the same page as if it is one big letter. If I'm not being clear, let me know and I'll try again. Thanks, Patti




 9 Apr 2007 01:04 UTCMon 9 Apr 2007 - 1:04 am UTC 

Hello Patti,

Thanks for the question.

Though I am not a Thunderbird user, I enjoy the hunt of working through software problems or work-arounds. In searching for ways to export email messages from Thunderbird, I found the following:

From Mozilla.org

"How do I export e-mail messages to another mail program or computer?

Thunderbird's mail files are in the standard plain text "mbox" format, which almost all mail programs can use or import. Many proprietary mail programs have a function to import from Eudora, which also uses the "mbox" format; this function should read your Mozilla mail files properly.

Your mail files are inside your profile (see the Profile Folder), in the Mail and (if you use IMAP) ImapMail folders. Each mail folder (Inbox, Sent, etc.) is stored as two files — one with no extension (e.g. INBOX), which is the mail file itself (in "mbox" format), and one with an .msf extension (e.g. INBOX.msf), which is the index (Mail Summary File) to the mail file. Tell the other program to import mail from the file with no extension.

If you want to transfer a mail file to another Mozilla profile or another installation of Mozilla, simply put the mail file into the other installation's Mail folder."

So this tells me that the messages are saved as plain text and if you wanted ALL messages, you could copy INBOX (to be sure you are working only with a copy) and either rename it inbox.txt and open with your text editor or open and paste into Word or similar formatted text programs. You could then edit the file to remove those you do not wish to keep.

If Thunderbird allows to you save messages to folders, you could create a folder just for all the messages you wish to keep and move or copy those messages to that folder and copy, rename and use that resulting text file.

You might have a look at Thunderstor, a $10 utility:

"ThunderStor offers the user a simple, fast and effective method to extract ThunderBird Mail (or any mbox compatible mail client) from the mail box files to individual standard message files. A command line and windows interface offers the user a clean and powerful method to extract, archive and protect your email! You can even automatically extract Attachments and reference a plain text list and an html page with links and descriptions! Output includes: From Log, To Log, Message List and HTML Log, Attachments List and HTML Log, EMail address list, transactions log, message attachments and RFC822 compatible message files. Now with better extraction of international encoding and greatly simplified U3 usb smart drive support! (Trial is limited to 250 maximum messages)"

Or, perhaps even better, Amber Thunderbird Converter!

"ABC Amber Thunderbird Converter was developed to help you keep your important messages organized in one file (as a hypertext system). It is a very useful tool that converts your e-mails from Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client to any document format (CHM, PDF, HTML, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, etc.) easily and quickly.

All you have to do is select required messages, choose document format to convert and click Save As button. Currently our software supports more than 50 languages.

With ABC Amber Thunderbird Converter you won't ever waste your time to organize your messages!"

This seems to be just what you need to make the process as simple as possible.

There is a limited demo or you can purchase this for $19.95.

I'm going to trust that the manual renaming and opening method or one of the two utilities above will solve your need and close for now. However, if anything needs clarification or bit more research, don't hesitate to post a clarification request.

And just to note, Uclue is in beta and this is my first answer posted here so I am unsure if I will be notified if you post for clarification or not. I'll monitor the question, but if I am a bit tardy in a reply, hold tight and at worst I will continue in the evenings.






 9 Apr 2007 02:24 UTCMon 9 Apr 2007 - 2:24 am UTC 

Hello Clouseau. It will take me time to figure out what I am supposed to do (I don't really want to pay for a program as I have already paid for this question :). I'll get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with good news (I hope it works). Patti.




 9 Apr 2007 02:32 UTCMon 9 Apr 2007 - 2:32 am UTC 

Hi again Patti,

As I mentioned, this can be done manually since it is just a text file. But the utilies give you a graphical interface and usefule tools. Amber, in particular seems to get very good reviews. If you do this often, you might consider the price vs. the amount of work it saves you.

And don't forget, both programs offer free trials, though the trials are limited in the amount of messages they handle.

Let me know how it goes.





 9 Apr 2007 11:43 UTCMon 9 Apr 2007 - 11:43 am UTC 

Ok, Clouseau, got it! Your directions and links helped me to figure it out. Here's what works for me (in case someone else finds this useful):
- Start>Run: %AppData%
- Thunderbird>Default>Mail>pop3>Inbox>[subfolder]
- Double click the subfolder
- Double click the subfolder you want to copy
- Open with Notepad or Wordpad or whatever
- Save it as a .txt file
Thanks alot, Clouseau, it would've taken me forever to figure that out by myself!





 9 Apr 2007 13:59 UTCMon 9 Apr 2007 - 1:59 pm UTC 

Glad to hear it did the job for you Patti. Thanks so much for the stars and tip!



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