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ANSWERED on Fri 2 Mar 2007 - 9:15 pm UTC by pinkfreud

Question: When to give up your land line

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Clara Horvath 


 2 Mar 2007 20:16 UTCFri 2 Mar 2007 - 8:16 pm UTC 

I've heard some discussions lately that there is a growing trend to going
strictly mobile and giving up your land line phone. I feel somewhat leery
about this.

Please find me some comprehensive  articles, discussions, websites that
will provide me with some guidelines to evaluate the pros and cons. I live
in California. Thanks.




 2 Mar 2007 21:15 UTCFri 2 Mar 2007 - 9:15 pm UTC 

I've gathered links to a dozen online articles that discuss the pros and cons of giving up your land line.

Pros and Cons of Having Your Cell Phone as Your Main Phone

Should I drop my landline phone and use only a cell phone?

Cell phones only: More households going wireless

Getting Rid of Your Landline Phone

Do I really need a cell phone AND a home phone?

Should I ditch my land-based home phone?

Are Cell Phones A Viable Option to Landline Phones?

More people drop land line for cell phone

Technology: Cutting the (Phone) Cord

Should You Drop Your Phone Service and Go Cellular?

Ditching your landline phone

Should I Drop My Landline?

I hope this is helpful! My personal perspective on the subject is this: I'll keep my land line until they come up with longer-lasting batteries and husbands who don't keep losing those tiny little phones.

Best regards,




 3 Mar 2007 04:51 UTCSat 3 Mar 2007 - 4:51 am UTC 

Funnily enough I switched my landline service provider yesterday (here in the UK) and my new provider asked 'Had I got a Mobile Number that they could have ... in case of problems ... so they could keep in touch?'

Also, much to my surprise, I was offered an International Package for £1/month (I guess that's now A LOT of US$s). This allows me to call 36 countries at a VERY ATTRACTIVE rate and will be very useful for me.

Clearly, the competition is very good for the consumer and who knows what offers will arrive just around the corner?

Me? I'm keeping both options!



David Sarokin 


 3 Mar 2007 14:46 UTCSat 3 Mar 2007 - 2:46 pm UTC 


I recently got a call in Washington DC from Argentina, and I was *very concerned* about how much money the caller was spending on his international phone call.

Turns out, he was paying...well...just about nothing, by using Skype VOIP service.  The call want's crystal clear, but international calls rarely are, and this was about as good as one would expect.

It's an amazing world, No?





 3 Mar 2007 19:24 UTCSat 3 Mar 2007 - 7:24 pm UTC 

Good point, Dave, Skype must be hurting the Big Boys.

I did try Vonage for a time but the reception was flaky and the numbers I dialled were often 'engaged' although, curiously, I could always get through on a landline.




 4 Mar 2007 02:13 UTCSun 4 Mar 2007 - 2:13 am UTC 

I live in California too, and I don't have any plans to give mine up.  If a phone is lost, stolen, or dead, or a cell relay transmitter tower goes out of service, or a family member is in a remote area that the plan doesn't serve, I have a backup, and I always know where the phone is--we have one noncordless unit nailed to the wall in the kitchen so it never wanders away.

I insisted on getting my son a land line for his apartment in Vermont just because he will be sunk if he forgets, runs over, or drowns his cellphone again.

Also in a pinch the phone line provides dialup communications for the computer.



Clara Horvath 


 9 Mar 2007 01:25 UTCFri 9 Mar 2007 - 1:25 am UTC 

Wonderful answer as usual, Pink. It looks like I have my homework cut out for me.




 9 Mar 2007 07:19 UTCFri 9 Mar 2007 - 7:19 am UTC 

Please don't give up your land line. I'm in California, too, and we recently had a visitor in our home keel over from a heart attack. Had we not been able to quickly connect with a local 911 operator who talked us through CPR and dispatched the paramedics from our local fire station, they might not have survived. Our landline is something we barely use, but we're very glad it's there in case of future emergencies.


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