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ANSWERED on Wed 26 Jan 2011 - 6:44 am UTC by leader

Question: online forums and communities for deaf or hard of hearing people

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 14 Jan 2011 05:41 UTCFri 14 Jan 2011 - 5:41 am UTC 

We are looking for online forums or online communities for deaf people or people who are hard of hearing in the following countries:

- UK
- Germany
- Spain
- South Korea

We need to know the following information about each forum/community:

1. The names of the forums
2. Their URL
3. An estimate of how many members each one has
4. A basic understanding of how active they are (do members seem to be posting daily? weekly?)
5. Who can join them (ie. is it only limited to deaf/hard of hearing people or also their family/friends/carers/others)
6. How to join them
7. Some of the recent active topics on each forum
8. A very brief background about each online community/forum (their purpose and beliefs)

Please find as many active forums and online communities as you can.



Former Researcher

 14 Jan 2011 07:27 UTCFri 14 Jan 2011 - 7:27 am UTC 

Hi richsmith!

Thanks for your question. Some researchers might have a problem with your query since most (or all) of us don't speak all those languages.

A better way to do this would be to break down your question in smaller amounts per country or language (you can have the US and UK as one).





 19 Jan 2011 00:46 UTCWed 19 Jan 2011 - 12:46 am UTC 

Hi there,
We are just wondering how you are going with this question? After I posted it I got an email from easterangel saying it would be difficult for any one researcher to answer the question due to the different languages involved and that I should repost it in different parts with US/UK together and then Germany, Korea and Spain separately. Then I noticed it had been locked for answering so I didn't want to cancel it. So I sent another email to ask what to do and they advised to wait a while and see what happens.
So I just want to see how you're doing and if there are any issues with the other languages? If so I can repost in parts?
Please let me know.



Former Researcher

 19 Jan 2011 05:13 UTCWed 19 Jan 2011 - 5:13 am UTC 

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I am working on your query. So far, everything is good. Actually, I think I have the source, which can alleviate language problem. Therefore, I undertook this assignment.

If I encounter any problems, I will let you know.




Former Researcher

 24 Jan 2011 05:00 UTCMon 24 Jan 2011 - 5:00 am UTC 

Hi Richsmith:

I have completed the research. After review, I will post an answer within 1-2 days. Thanks.




 26 Jan 2011 06:44 UTCWed 26 Jan 2011 - 6:44 am UTC 

Dear RichSmith:

It was a very interesting and challenging research. The challenge was to locate active online communities. Actually, there are several online deaf forums but very few of them are active. Therefore I did not want to include forums that get a new posting every four or five months. Consequently, there is no one to reply on the forums. Perhaps most online deaf forums fall in this category because there is a tendency for small websites with little traffic to create forums. Still, I found many websites that are active and some of these enjoy memberships in thousands.

Interestingly, many of the larger forums are not a part of a specific website but they are created on social networks like Facebook and Yahoo groups. It seems that almost all of the online communities are free and does not restrict anyone to join their group. Possibly, this trend is contrary to many on-site deaf groups that may require members to pay a certain fee to attend their gatherings. Moreover, it is relatively easier for on-site group to screen members based on a certain criteria. My research has revealed that most online groups do not want its members to go through such screening process. Although, many of the online forums do have moderators who require every potential new members to demonstrate that they are not spammers. Unlike on-site groups, it seems that the sole objective of most of these online communities is to provide a space to discuss general issues related to deafness.
As you mentioned that you need access to as many websites as possible. For researchers, sometimes it is difficult to determine a specific number that will be sufficient to satisfy a customer. Usually, I do not ask customers to clarify this because mostly these numbers can only be gauged by conducting an extensive research. Due to the fact that customers don’t have time to conduct the research therefore they may not be in a position to clarify how many websites are enough.
Whereas I have tried my best to locate the most active online communities in the specified countries, it may not be a complete list. I think, no one can claim that the can find a complete list. Nevertheless, I can argue that the list I compiled is perhaps the most comprehensive that I found anywhere on the internet. I personally think that nowhere on the internet you may come across a list of such a large numbers of active online deaf communities. I have outlined a summary of my findings.

Note: Additionally, numbers may not correlate to the activity of the group. Some smaller groups are more active than their large counterparts.

I think I have covered most major online communities. I have also provided a link to locate additional websites that are pre-filtered according to your criteria. (Members, Frequency of visits, Membership Information).

I think I have covered most major online communities. I have also provided a link to locate additional websites that are pre-filtered according to your criteria. (Members, Frequency of visits, Membership Information).

I think I have covered most major online communities.

I think I may not have covered all the major online communities. Due to the proliferation of Spanish language across the globe and the fact that no major search engine dominates this market, there may be websites lurking in other domains that I may have missed.

I think I have covered most major online communities. The source who I asked for help tells me that most of these Korean websites are active. Due to the fact that these are members of the local chapters of a large organization therefore it may be difficult to get exact membership information. This information is not readily provided. Still, most of these websites have free registration and the discussions are geared strictly towards deaf issues. Also, review additional links to get relevant data.


37,545 Members
Last 24 Hours Activity: 233 Members Posted
Anyone can be a member
Free Registeration
Friendship, Psychological, challenges, videos
Deaf Community sharing ideas & solving problems

Deaf Notes
591 Members
Weekly Postings, More views then activity
Anyone can be a member
Free Registeration
Education, communication, culture, workplace challenges
“It’s a free public forum where participants can discuss controversial issues and topics of interest to the Deaf community, and ask questions.”

Deaf Online
937 registered members
Daily postings, forum is very active
Anyone can be a member
Free Registeration (A parent or guardian must complete and mail or fax a signed permission form to the administrator of the board before a child under the age of 13 can complete the registration process.)
Education, Cultural & Psychological Issues
A public forum to share information, thoughts, opinions, news and idea on a variety of hearing loss or deaf related topics and issues.

National Association of the Deaf
Most active organization in the USA. Membership is state-wide any may comprise several hundreds.
Daily & Weekly Events
Anyone may participate or volunteer
Participation in events is free for deaf members. Occasionally, there are seminars in which non-deaf members are encouraged to donate.
Education, Sign Language, Employment, Civil Rights, Technology, Justice, Travel etc.
“The advocacy scope of the NAD is broad, covering a lifetime and impacting future generations in the areas of early intervention, education, employment, health care, technology, telecommunications, youth leadership, and more – improving the lives of millions of deaf and hard of hearing Americans.”

Deaf-UK Yahoo Group (UK)
3061 Members
Active group with 50-70 new posts every month
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
British Sign Language, Events, Information
“Deaf-UK is only official group in UK! It has been recognised by everywhere, is managed by a deaf-led moderator. This is to aim to have the deaf people to respect others, and achieve the plans of have deaf campaign, improving the quality of deaf people's lives.”

British Sign Language Learners (UK)
1019 Members
Active group with 10 new messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
British Sign Language, Learning, Information, Events
“The group has been running for 6 years and is approaching 1000 members. The group is very friendly. There is lots of support for people learning at different levels. There are people starting level 1 and there are interpreters in the group too. Lots of people have met in real life and become friends. The group sometimes meets up in different parts of the UK.”

Deaf UK Jobs (UK)
8539 Members
Very Active group with 36 messages in the last 7 days
Free Membership
Deaf Jobs, Job Support
“A group which advertises job vacancies which are Deaf related.”

Deaf Singles Connection
Membership Unknown. According to Compete.com statistics, there are 6000 to 8000 unique visitors every month. Since the website is pretty new, it seems to generate more traffic in the near future.
Members have active profile. Several new entries every week.
Anyone can be a member.
Free registration by completing a short profile.
Singles connection
The site caters specifically to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing singles community.

No Active Member Profile. This website seems to generate approx 4000 visitors per month. Although, they are not very active on Twitter and Facebook but they are trying to market through these channels, which has definitely boosted the website visitors (reaching 10000 per month in November).
Active Website with regular updates
No membership required
Free Registeration
Education, Culture, American Sign Language, Technology
Deaf Linx is your resource for information on deafness, deaf culture, American Sign Language (ASL) and all other related topics.

This website seems to generate approx. 7000-9000 unique visitors per month.
Their forums are somewhat active. Still, several new entries are made every week
There is a free membership which can also be upgraded to Gold (Fee based)
Free Registeration
Deaf Singles Connection
“Here you can find those who share your values and life experiences, look for friendship, relationship, love and more.”

Deafness About.com Guide
Membership Unknown
The forum is generally active. Many users post new entries every week.
No membership required
Free registration
Hearing research, parenting, interpreting
It is a website moderating by About.com guide with a vision to help and advice deaf members.

Deaf Freedom

DeafSummit Forum (UK)
12,793 registered members
Somewhat Active forum with several postings.
No membership required
Free registration
Mostly general topics about various issues
This is a forum where people talk about everything that is related to deaf issues. It also caters to miscellaneous topics.

Hearing Impaired Forum
300 Members
Slightly Active. There are new posts every month.
Anyone can join
Free registration
Topics mostly about Hearing Aids
“Impaired Hearing Forum for friendly chat, help, resources and information for the hearing impaired and those who have suffered hearing loss”

Bella Online Deafness Forum
The entire website forum has 46,814 members who post queries on 424 Forums. This is an average of 110 members per forum.
The forum is generally active with several new topics are posted every month.
Anyone can join
Free registration
Hearing Aids, Health, Research
The objective is to be the premium website for women to review and discuss personal issues.

Facebook Deaf
More than 15,000 Members
Active. Several new posts every month
Anyone with a facebook profile may join
Free registration
ASL, Events

Deaf All around the World
More than 12,000 members
Active. New postings every week and several new discussion every month.
Anyone with a facebook profile may join
Free registration
General discussion on several topics
“Deaf All around the World (DARW) is a unique international deaf group. For all age, race, and worldwide. It’s where you might befriend someone who happened to be from the other side of earth.”

American Sign Language & Deaf Culture Awareness
More than 11,000 members
Active. Several new posting every week.
Anyone with a facebook profile may join
Free registration
ASL related topics
Supports the awareness and importance of ASL in American culture

Deaf Pals & Deaf Pals Facebook Group
2468 Members on website; More than 11,000 members on Facebook
Active discussion forum on the main website and facebook
Anyone can become a member
Free membership
Relationship, Education
“DeafPals is a free social networking site for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. It makes it easier to browse and locate deaf and hard-of-hearing people from all over the world.”

Global Deaf Women
2,331 Members on facebook
Somewhat Active. Random postings every month
Anyone can become a member
Paid Membership (Main Website); Free on Facebook
Networking Events, Job Opportunities, Lifelong coaching, Travel, Communication
“The mission of Global Deaf Women is to establish a supportive and enriching environment for talented and creative deaf women professionals to collaborate, grow their career or business, and nourish the empowerment of other deaf women.”

See Hear BBC (UK)
2,635 Members on Facebook,
Both the forum on Ouch and facebook page looks active. On Ouch, there are daily postings while Facebook page is regularly updated.
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
Hearing Aids, News, Deaf related personal inquires
“Discuss what you've seen on the long-running TV show plus related deaf matters”. “This is a facebook group for all those who enjoy watching See Hear, learning about Sign Language and Deaf Culture, whether Deaf or Hearing.”

Stop Audism
2,321 Members on Facebook
Not a very Active Forum but it still has a large following.
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
Audism Education
This is a group that is created to educate people on discrimination against deaf.

Deaf USA
3,935 Members on Facebook
Generally an active community, which seeks information on deaf events across USA.
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
Deaf Events, Networking
“Deaf USA is a deaf and hard of hearing group. For all age, race, and United States of America. It’s where you might befriend someone who happened to be from the other states.”

American Sign Language & Deaf Culture
2,562 Members
Somewhat Active forum with several postings and discussion every quarter (3 months).
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
Deaf Issues, American Sign Language, General Inquiries
“This is a Club for all people who support ASL and Deaf Culture. The group is open for all people to discuss how they feel about different topics in deaf culture or upcoming sign events, in or near their area.”

SIG News
A newspaper for signing community which has “reportedly” more than 2000 members on Facebook. The CEO is a regular tweeter who is followed by 187 members.
From Twitter Profile, its seems that the CEO is trying to post regular updates (see http://twitter.com/signewseic). Not sure about how active is the facebook forum.
Anyone can become a member
Membership requires a request to join.
American Sign Language, Signing Issues
“SIGNews is printed every month bringing information targeted at members of the signing community. Anyone that uses American Sign Language (ASL) is a member of the signing community.”

Deaf Photographers all around the World (UK-USA)
1,818 Members on Facebook
Generally Active. Random posting every month.
Anyone can become a member. Deaf photographers are encouraged to join.
Free Membership
“Deaf photographers who are keen, passionate, imaginative and committed can join this group!”

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Rochester Institute of Technology Group
http://www.ntid.rit.edu/ (National Technical Institute for the Deaf)
1,280 Members
Generally Active. Random posting every month.
Anyone can be a member. Alumni of RIT are encouraged to join.
Free Membership
School (RIT) information, Health, Theatre, Filming, Software
“This group is a great place for discussion of topics related to deafness and RIT”

Deaf Dogs
2,790 Members
Very Active Group with regular posting and frequent discussions on dog deafness issues.
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
Dog Deafness
“The website is run by Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (DDEAF), a nonprofit, educational organization based in California, incorporated in 1997. DDEAF is "dedicated to provide support and information to deaf dog owners around the world…”

National Theatre of the Deaf
769 Members
Somewhat Active Group where members post infrequently.
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
General Discussions about various deaf topics
“This is a facebook forum of National Theatre of the Deaf which perform plays based on American Sign Language.

Sign Language Interpreters
810 Members
Less Active Group but it does have contributions from its members
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership
American Sign Language Issues, Education, Training
“This is a group for those you are finishing, starting, or in the midst of a sign language interpreter's program...we all need support and help, also, if you are already certified, you can join as well.”

Deaf Forum (UK)
4,788 Members
This was a very active forum until June 2010 but there aren’t any posts after that. Interestingly, members are still active in reading whatever information is there. This activity can be gauged by member activity stats. The administrator is not receiving any new membership requests
Anyone can become a member
Free Membership (The administrator is not receiving any new membership requests)
Job, Health, Education, Technology, General Discussion
A forum where people can communicate about challenges and opportunities for deaf.

Deaf4Life (UK)
2,376 Members
Very Active Forum that has daily postings
Anyone can join
Free and Paid Membership

Deaf Education, Events, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology, Videos, Jobs
It is a public forum, which facilitates discussion son deaf issues.

Deaf Network (UK)
Approximately 100-200 members
Less Active Forum where members post few topics every month
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Family Events, Networking, Education, Jobs, Interpreters, Technology, Art
It is a public forum that contains miscellaneous information on various topics for deaf community. It seems that most of the members in the forum are looking for networking.

Hearing Aid Forum (UK)
19,007 Members
Very active forum that has new postings every day.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Medical Information, Current Research
A forum to help and support hard of hearing people.

Hearing Aid Talk (UK)
94 Members
This forum looks active as it has several new postings in the recent months.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Hearing Aids, Expert Support, Information
A website to provide information on Hearing Aids & Hearing Problems.

Hearing Exchange Forum (UK)
No Membership Information. The website receives approximately 6000 unique visitors every month. Membership numbers look strong.
This seems to be an active forum where members post several new postings every week.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Health, Technology, General Issues
“AdviceOnHearingAids.com will help you find the information you need in order to make an informed hearing aid purchase. … We feature information on the major brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants as well as information about hearing loss, tinnitus, balance disorders, and many other topics.” (Website)

Deaf Illinois News
2,736 Members
Active forum with 9 messages posted in the last seven days
Anyone can join
Free Membership
News about events, seminars and happenings in Illinois
“An announcement list consisting of event announcements, job postings and press releases of interest to the Deaf Community in Illinois. List is open to all, including interpreters, CODAs and hearing-signers.”

E-Peachy News BLUE
2,280 Members
Active with 14 new messages in last 7 days
Anyone can join
Free Membership
News about events, seminars and happenings in Georgia
“News/information for and about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Georgia.”

CI Circle
2,269 Members
Very active with 95 new messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Brands of cochlear implants, language methodologies and educational placements.
“The CI Circle is a discussion forum originally intended for parents of children with cochlear implants and for parents looking for information about cochlear implants. Over the years, others have joined the list from around the world. Besides parents, members include adults who are deaf/hoh, extended family members, professionals, cochlear implant manufacturers.”

Deaf Northwest
1,427 Members
Active with 11 new messages posted in last seven days
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Events, Job Info, Technology, deafness issues, advertisements.
“A mailing list including information ranging from event announcements, news, sports, state school for the deaf news & sports, press releases, state and local newspapers, advertisements, classified ads, business news, education news, religious news, ADA, local/state government news and job opportunities of interest to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened, Speech-Challenged, and professionals in Audiology/Speech-Language Pathology/Communication Disorders in the Northwest (Local/State).”

1,356 Members
Active group with 17 new messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Captioning Information
“Discuss open and closed captioning and subtitling for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. Special focus on advocacy, particularly with regard to new media formats.”

Auditory Neuropathy
1,240 Members
Very Active group with 40 new messages and 4 new members in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Topics about Auditory Neuropathy
“The intent of this listserve is to provide information and emotional support to parent's of children diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy and/or Auditory Dys-synchrony. We will share our experiences, problems, successes and failures, as well as, strategies used in dealing with a child that "Is not deaf....but can't hear"

Bone anchored hearing aid discussion Group
992 Members
Active group with approximately 50 new messages posted every month
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
“This is a mailing list and accompanying site for the discussion of Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.”

CI – Cochlear implants
958 Members
Active Group with 28 new messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Cochlear implants, General Issues related to deafness and hearing aids
“The ci maillist is for everyone interested in cochlear implants.”

Oklahoma Melting Pot Deaf News
736 Members
Very Active Group with 269 messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Oklahoma Deaf Issues, Events, Information
“This group is for Deaf Oklahomans to stay in touch and share on their local deaf events, news, births/death, information, deaf issues and concerns and many more topics.”

Problem CI
http://www.cihear.net (Not Active)
720 Members
Generally Inactive group with only 3 postings in a month
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Information on cochlear implants
“If you are investigating an implant and wish to get a well rounded view of the product, this list may be just the place.”

LDA Chat
583 Members
Active group with 25 new messages in the last 7 days
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Discussion related to ate-deafened adults
“The list was developed for people who have lost their hearing after learning to speak, often called late-deafened adults (LDAs). It can be used as a resource for others looking for information, a casual conversation group for LDAs or can include information on the Association of Late-Deafened Adults Inc.”

Hard of Hearing (UK)
536 Members
Active group with 7 new messages and 3 new members in the last 7 days
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Networking, Deafness Issues
This group is intended for people who need a formal place to discuss deafness and related issues.

Deaf Vermont
470 Members
Active group with 10 new messages in the last 7 days
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Jobs, Events, Information on deaf community in Vermont
“The DeafVermont newsgroup is an open-to-the-public forum where information such as event announcements, legislative alerts, job postings, and other news related to the deaf community is distributed to its subscribers.”

Less active with approximately 20-30 posting every month.
Membership required accessing this forum
Free Membership
Information on Cochlear Implants
“The main focus of this group is CI information and in particular, information about the Clarion and High Resolution Bionic Ear cochlear implant by Advanced Bionics.”

German Deaf Forums

9131 Members
Active forum with several posts per month.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Sign Language, General Issues, Leisure,
This is a website for deaf to network with other people who have physical challenges.

German Deaf Forum
463 Members
Generally Active forum that has few posts every month
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Deaf Community Information, General topics of interest
This is a group dedicated to building a deaf community who speak German language.

Deaf CODA – Germany and the World
215 Members
Relatively inactive group that has few new topics every year
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Parents seeking information about their kids.
This is a discussion group for parents of deaf children

381 Members
This was a relatively active group until June 2010. Since then, the postings have diminished.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Deaf Events
This group seeks information on the dead events in Germany

Deaf Vision TV
No Membership Information but more than 1000 are fan of this website on facebook. 1,394 members who like it. 
Although postings on facebook is generally infrequent but there are frequent postings on the main website. The main webpage is active.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
It is a community of people who are interested in videos, documentaries and other channels.

Sign Dialog
293 Members
It is generally a passive forum but sometimes it generates a good deal of activity.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Topics are not really moderated, which sometimes leads to off-topic comments
It is a community which is trying to improve the close captioning on television

Deaf & Deaf
405 Members
Slightly active group with infrequent postings
Anyone can join (Although the admin seems to encourage Germans)
Free Membership
Language Schools, Jobs
The website is for Germans looking to get information about deafness issues.

Deaf Kids – Morrison Thread
The entire website has 2989 members with have posted 3254 topics (Avg. 0.92 post per members). The deaf kids Morrison thread has 100 topics which translates into 92 members.
The Morrison thread seems to be an active forum where members post quite frequently.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Videos, Psychological problems, General Issues, Networking
The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for parent of deaf children to discuss their issues.

Spanish Deaf Forums

Para Sordos
Although membership information is not available but its main website, forum and facebook page are active.
Daily postings on message board. Few but regular postings on facebook.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
It seems that the admin allows a range of topics. Therefore, general topics vary from general issues to dating and deaf lifestyle.
The purpose of this website is to provide education and information for deaf community.

More than 1000 members worldwide. 559 members in Spain.
Active group that has chats, discussions and other medium of communications.
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Networking, Dating, Information
It is an online community for deaf to share their ideas and have fun.

No Membership Information
Active group that has several postings every month
Anyone can join
Free Membership
Sign Language, Education
A sub-forum of a larger website that has plenty of activity.

75 Members
Less active group but it has several postings
Anyone can join
Free Membership
General Discussion, Technology, Video
A place to discuss issues and get information.

Korean Deaf Forums




Def Korea

Seoul National Deaf Association

Association of Sign Language Interpreters

Deaf Association of Incheof

Deaf Association of War Veterans

Chonnam National Association of Deaf

Deaf Association of Gyeonggi

Deaf Association Guro-gu - Seoul

Chungbuk National Deaf Association

Chungnam National Deaf Association

Deaf Association Pohang

Deaf Association Seongbuk - Seoul

Kyungpook National Deaf Association

Gyeonggi Deaf Association

Deaf Association gu, Seoul Branch

Suwon Deaf Association

Deaf Association branch in Seoul, Yongsan

Cheonan, Chungnam National Deaf Association branch

Cochlear Implant Center,
Deaf Association of Korea Qingdao Happy Log Branch

Kyungpook National Deaf Association Yeongcheon Branch


Several more Korean deaf website s(online communities) can be found at:

US & UK Groups

Google Explore Group

Deaf & Hard Hearing Meetup Groups

Yahoo Groups

I hope this helps. Please clarify, if needed. Thanks.




Former Researcher

 26 Jan 2011 13:51 UTCWed 26 Jan 2011 - 1:51 pm UTC 

Here are three other German forums that get high traffic. (courtesy of my
fellow researcher q21).

Very Active forum that has many new posts daily
91 Members
Personal Experiences, Medical Aids, Personal Stories, Events

1. http://www.schwerhoerigen-netz.de/PINBOARD/index.htm
Very Active Forum that has daily postings
Hearing Aids, Job

In German Language (Austria)

Very Active forum
100 Members
Information, General Issues, Tech Aids




 27 Jan 2011 05:19 UTCThu 27 Jan 2011 - 5:19 am UTC 

Thanks very much this looks fantastic! We will go through in detail and get back to you if there are any questions although it looks very comprehensive at first glance!




 2 Feb 2011 04:09 UTCWed 2 Feb 2011 - 4:09 am UTC 

Fantastic job! Thanks very much!


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