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ANSWERED on Fri 4 Mar 2011 - 5:31 am UTC by leader

Question: What are the top 5 job posting sites and how much revenue do they do annually?

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 2 Mar 2011 18:20 UTCWed 2 Mar 2011 - 6:20 pm UTC 

I'm assuming that the top ones are Monster.com, CareerBuilder, Indeed.com, etc. What I'm looking for is a list of the top 5 sorted by revenue (with the revenue # included). This doesn't have to be a perfect list but I need a sense of the scale of these companies. If you find additional companies that don't make the Top 5 (or if you aren't sure whether they are "job posting sites") please include them as well. The more information the better here.



Former Researcher

 2 Mar 2011 23:23 UTCWed 2 Mar 2011 - 11:23 pm UTC 


Some of the top job sites here are privately held and revenues are rarely shown to the public by such companies. How do you want to proceed with this question knowing that the data could be incomplete?





 4 Mar 2011 05:31 UTCFri 4 Mar 2011 - 5:31 am UTC 

Dear jbischke:

I am providing a brief overview of the revenues generated by top job posting websites like monster.com that are ranked 0-3000 in Alexa rankings. I have not including websites such as craiglist, linkedin, or other corporate websites because they do not reflect the business model of a typical online job hunting website. While I may have missed a particular website, the following statistics will certainly offer insight into the revenues of top job hunting websites. Please note that the revenues are gathered from annual reports and various other sources. If you need references, please let me know.

The Big Players

Perhaps, the largest of all career website is Monstor.com, which reported annual revenues of $890-$925 Million in 2010. Its nearest competitor is Careerbuilder.com that is owned by three companies. Total revenue for Careerbuilder.com was $542 Million in 2009. According to various sources Indeed.com is now attracting more visitors but this private company has rarely disclosed the revenue. Although, it has gained immense traffic but I doubt that it can compete with the other two giants because of the business model that is mainly based on search portal with limited advertising.

The Acquisition of other Large Competitors 

The Australian company Seek Ltd announced revenues of $132.16 Million in 2009 (130.4 Million Australian Dollars), which may be closer to the large websites than any of the other competitors. Actually, Seek Ltd recently acquired Jobs DB (Hong Kong) that is expected to generate closer to $41 Million US Dollars for Seek Ltd. This is among the most influential acquisitions since Monster.com acquired one of its largest competitor Yahoo hotjobs.com in 2010. Monstor.com paid $225 M. In 2000, hotjobs.com was already generating $100M but it seems that the current revenue may be less than that. (Due to a lower bid price/valuation).

Other Competitors

Other large competitors include Simply Hired which was valued at $40 Million in 2007. Similarly, Indian career website Naukri.com generated $43 Million in revenues, last year. Another website SnagAjob.com announced $21.8 Million, in 2009. Revenues for Dice Holdings and JobStreet.com were $37.9 Million and $32 Million, respectively. 

Monstor.com Alexa Traffic Rank: 596
$890-$925 Million (2010)

Careerbuilder.com   Alexa Traffic Rank: 551
$542 Million (2009)

Indeed.com N/A Alexa Traffic Rank: 435

Seek Ltd (Australia) $132.16 Million (2009)
(130.4 Million Australian Dollars) Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,336

Naukri.com (Info Edge Ltd) Approx. $43 Million (2010) Alexa Rank: 525
(Indian Rs 1953 Million Indian)

Jobs DB HK $320 Million (2010) ~ $41 Million US Dollars Alexa Rank: 1628

Simply Hired Approx. $40 Million valuation in 2007 Alexa Rank 1562

Dice Holdings  $37.9 Million (2010) Alexa Traffic Rank 3704

JobStreet.com (Malaysia) Approx. $32 Million Alexa Rank 2019

SnagAJob.com $21.8 Million (2009)  Alexa Traffic Rank 3801

* Yahoo HotJobs Less than $100 Million

I hope this will help. Thanks,



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