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ANSWERED on Wed 17 Oct 2012 - 5:26 pm UTC by Bobbie Sevens

Question: Foot operated water faucets

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 17 Oct 2012 16:37 UTCWed 17 Oct 2012 - 4:37 pm UTC 

I'm feeling lazy so I figure I"ll leaving the driving to you guys.

Can you find me a few sources for foot operated water taps like the kind they use in hospitals' scrub stations where you just press a pedal to get the water flowing?

Bonus points for a unit which has 3 pedals: hot, cold and warm.

An outfit like Graingers would be my first stop, but you guys are better than this than I.




Bobbie Sevens 


 17 Oct 2012 17:26 UTCWed 17 Oct 2012 - 5:26 pm UTC 

Hi Jim,

Chicago Faucet offers the 625-CP Double Floor Mounted Foot Pedal Valve

•  Floor Mounted Double Foot Pedal
•  Step On Both Pedals For a Warm Water Mix

 The 625-CP is their  most popular model, and is currently featured in the Food Network Magazine as Guy Fieri's pedal valve of choice.

List Price: $265.63
Normal Price: $172.66
Sale Price: $159.38

625-RCF Faucet

•  Floor Mounted Double Foot Pedal
•  Step On Both Pedals For a Warm Water Mix
•  Solid Brass Casted Body

List Price: $231.28
Normal Price: $150.33
Sale Price: $138.77 http://www.chicagofaucetshoppe.com/Chicago_Faucets_625_RCF_Rough_Chrome_Pedal_Valve_p/625-rcf.htm



The KOHLER floor-mount foot control uses two machined-aluminum pedals to offer hot, cold and tempered water.
Click on “where to buy to find a location in your area”


From Faucet Direct:

Zurn Z85500 Floor-Mounted Self-Closing Double Foot Pedal Valve
Polished chrome-plated brass floor-mounted, slow-closing double pedal mixing valve.
$171.22  Originally $255.55,


Foot Faucet offers several interesting options.

The Deluxe Bath Stainless Steel foot pedal valve kit controls hot and cold water.
It also has a touch sensor and a night light.
Press both pedals for warm water

The Deluxe Kitchen Stainless Steel foot pedal valve kit controls hot and cold water as well as the Garbage Disposal. It also has a touch sensor, a night light and a latch-on feature so you can switch from hand control to foot control.

Pressing both pedals will turn on both valves, for warm water


You may also order a faucet from Amazon

Foot Faucet - Automatic Hands Free Faucet Foot Pedal Valve Control
The Standard Foot Faucet kit is a hands free way to have automatic control of the hot and cold water independently or you can press both pedals for warm water.
Price $198.00

I hope the information provided is helpful.

Best regards,
Bobbie Sevens




 17 Oct 2012 19:22 UTCWed 17 Oct 2012 - 7:22 pm UTC 

LOL, it never occured to me you could step on BOTH pedals to get warm water!

I'll check the links out later and get back to you. I didn't know they'd become mainstream (FoodNetwork? Why yes, the kitchen IS where I want them!)

Without checking the links, my only concern is that they are household items. and not super heavy-duty. I'll be taking these abroad and won't be able to secure replacements parts.




Bobbie Sevens 


 17 Oct 2012 19:37 UTCWed 17 Oct 2012 - 7:37 pm UTC 


ElkayCommercial.com supplies commercial faucets.

For example:
Elkay LK399A Floor Mounted Double Pedal Foot Valve

Fisher Foot Pedal Valves appear to be suitable for commercial use.
Foot pedal valves offer hands free operations in the commercial kitchen work area.
Fisher - 3170
TEMP: 40°F MIN. TO 140°F MAX.




 17 Oct 2012 23:34 UTCWed 17 Oct 2012 - 11:34 pm UTC 


If you'll be installing them abroad, check that the inlet size and threading is compatible with plumbing in that country.  I like to assume that everything in now DIN / ISO standard, but maybe not.




 18 Oct 2012 05:32 UTCThu 18 Oct 2012 - 5:32 am UTC 

Thanks Bobbie, those will do nicely.

Myoarin, fortunately India still measure pipes in inches, so I don't think I'll have a problem there.


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