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ANSWERED on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 8:38 am UTC by Phil Answerfinder

Question: Need author of books on supertanker terrorism and Chinese mini-sub invasion of New York.

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 20 Sep 2007 06:59 UTCThu 20 Sep 2007 - 6:59 am UTC 

I'm trying to find more books by the author of two thrillers I read in the 1990s, but I can't remember the names of either the author or the books, just the plots.  I'm almost positive both books were written by the same person or persons, but I could be wrong about that too.

[warning - plot spoilers follow...]

In the first book, a husband-and-wife (possibly doctors) are sailing around the Pacific islands when they are kidnapped by the crew of a LNG (liquid natural gas) supertanker.  The supertanker is eventually used in an act of terrorism.

In the second book, a tugboat captain stumbles across a mini-sub on the ocean bottom near New York city.  That sub, and another hundred like it, are carrying a Chinese invasion force that captures Manhattan island.  New York's mayor is a guy named Rudy.  At the end, the Chinese general blows up one of the World Trade Center towers.

The answer should name the author or authors and at least one of the books.


Phil Answerfinder 


 20 Sep 2007 08:38 UTCThu 20 Sep 2007 - 8:38 am UTC 

Dear windypundit,

With the help of your detailed question, I have found both the books you were seeking.

They are ‘Fire and Ice’ and ‘Red Sky at Morning’ both by Paul Garrison (pseudonym of Justin Scott). The below are extracts from the reviews on amazon.com.

Fire and Ice by Paul Garrison

Doctors Sarah and Michael Stone, along with their 10-year-old daughter Ronnie ... They sail the rugged waters of the Pacific in their 38-foot hospital ship ... a giant liquefied-nitrogen-gas carrier nearby radios an S O S: its captain has been seriously injured in a fall. Michael spots an old man in distress on the atoll, so Sarah drops him off and heads for the carrier. Trying to help the dying man, Michael watches in terror as the carrier scoops up the hospital sailboat and steams away. Things get even more exciting as Michael chases the mysterious carrier and its ominous cargo to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo--for a literally explosive finale.

Red Sky at Morning by Paul Garrison

Admiral Tang Li has slipped his diesel submarine force into the Hudson River and ventures into the Atlantic to torpedo a just-departed passenger liner to lure the visiting warships out of New York harbor. The invasion is intended to distract the U.S. from China's planned attack on Taiwan ... Tugboat captain Ken Hughes is cruising the harbor with new love Kate Ross when Ken's tug is commandeered by Li's crew. Kate escapes in an inflatable raft, but Li makes the tug his command post, forcing Ken to help direct the subs. ... Mayor Rudolph Sincerely ... Meanwhile, 100 subs surface all around Manhattan, and commandos swarm ashore, shooting citizens, wiping out police stations and leveling One Police Plaza as they battle their way to City Hall and the World Trade Center.

There are three other books: Ripple Effect, Buried at Sea and Sea Hunter. You can find out more on the author's website. Justin Scott aka Paul Garrison.

This search strategy led me to find a review of Red Sky. Then searched on amazon.com
chinese new.york invade book rudy -Giuliani

I hope I have identified them correctly. If not do ask for clarification of this research and I shall try again.





 20 Sep 2007 13:28 UTCThu 20 Sep 2007 - 1:28 pm UTC 

This is a terrific answer.  It's nice to see you Google Answers folks are still doing great work.

Can you do me one favor?  Since my question summarizes the plots of both books, it obviously has major spoilers.  You, of course, had to read them to answer the question (sorry 'bout that), but I forgot that the questions and answers would be published on the site.  The polite thing for me to do would have been to add the following line after the first paragraph:

Spoiler Warning:  The next two paragraphs contain major plot spoilers for both books.

I can't do that now that the question has been answered.  Is it possible for you or someone you know at Uclue to edit the question to add that line?  Thanks.


Phil Answerfinder 


 21 Sep 2007 09:13 UTCFri 21 Sep 2007 - 9:13 am UTC 

Dear windypundit,

Thank you for the tip. Glad you found us again.



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